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By Jack Hauen (Globe and Mail)
A study by an international real estate consultancy found that Toronto had 97 cranes in use – dominating a list of 13 major cities in Canada and the U.S. Find out how other major cities ranked

XudongWangCMYK-mainweb-580 387.jpg

Stephanie Precourt/University of Wisconsin-Madison

Floor power to you: new building products harvest pedestrian energy  

By Peter Kenter (Daily Commercial News)
A U.S. research team has developed a prototype wood floor designed to convert footsteps to electricity. Read more



By Dan O'Reilly (Daily Commercial News)
Once a rare feature only found in a select number of buildings, living walls are now sprouting in Canada and throughout North America. Read more


Energy Vault

By Akshat Rathi (Quartz)
A Swiss company is using concrete blocks and cranes to produce and store energy as an alternative to pumped hydroelectric storage, which represents 96% of the world’s energy-storage capacity. Read more and watch video


Windmill Development Group

Guelph development to use One Planet Living principle

By Angela Gismondi (Daily Commercial News)
Designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects and DTAH, a new mixed-use community in Guelph, Ont., will be built using a sustainability framework focused on living happy and healthy lives within the resources of one planet. Read more


Cast Connex

By Peter Kenter (Journal of Commerce)
A Toronto-based company has developed blocks that simplify the design and fabrication of heavily loaded structural steel connections. The technology offers a solution for developers, designers, and engineers who are facing a litany of structural and erections challenges with the tall and ever more complex buildings. Read more


By Collin Abdallah (ArchDaily) 
In the current iteration of our digital age, Instagram is king of social media. Boasting one billion active monthly users, if you are a business and not on Instagram, you are missing out. Read more

shutterstock_381497854 (2).jpg

By Greg Meckbach (Canadian Underwriter) 
A client occupying a tall wood building could face higher insurance costs, a group of masonry producers claims, while one fire insurer confirms such a building deserves closer scrutiny from an underwriter. Read more

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