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Brisbin Brook Beynon

By Ian Harvey (Daily Commercial News)
Architect Brian Brisbin of Brisbin Brook Beynon has crafted a proposal for a 27-storey condominium building called Designers Walk in Toronto. It features 450 trees planted into patented and removable steel mesh baskets. Read more


Jakob + MacFarlane

All-star architecture panel differs on sustainability

By Don Wall (Daily Commercial News)
Architects from Europe and North America share a trans-Atlantic difference of opinion over their role in shaping policy on resilience to climate change. Read more


Yamamoto Architecture / Wesgroup Properties / Daily Hive

Vancouver's tree-inspired highrise tower taking roots

By Kenneth Chan (Daily Hive)
Yamamoto Architecture has imagined a 49-storey tower inspired by the trunk of a tree, with balconies appearing as "branches or roots". Read more


Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department

By The Associated Press (Daily Commercial News)
A U.S. federal investigation has revealed design flaws in a Miami pedestrian bridge that could have caused concrete cracking before the fatal bridge collapse. Read more

Zero-Carbon_580 387.jpg


Canada's growing interest in zero carbon buildings  

By Fin MacDonald (Daily Commercial News)
After one year of operation, the Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) program has reached several milestones. New tools and resources are on track to foster greater sustainable design. Read more


Le Phare

By Tracey Lindeman (Citylab) 
“I hate it. It’s an ugly design. It’s a way of seeing the city that is totally outdated,” says city councillor Jean Rousseau about the 65-storey skyscraper planned in the nearby suburb of Sainte-Foy. Read more


Market check: Who really cares about building resilience into highrises?

By Don Wall (Daily Commercial News)
The main reason the construction sector is lagging in incorporating resilience features into its buildings isn’t technical, it’s financial — a lack of market imperative. Read more


Warren Frey

By Warren Frey (Journal of Commerce) 
Citizens of Vancouver may be more socially isolated than other Canadians, studies show, but whether highrise living is the cause is up for debate. Read more

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